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ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support

ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support delivers:

  • Clearer breathing
  • Healthy mucus levels for clear nasal and bronchial passages
  • Immune health benefits in just 5 days!
  • Serious seasonal relief…year round!
  • MAJOR heart health benefits
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Is your lung and respiratory health holding you back? Are you ready to get back to enjoying friends and family, without sitting on the sidelines …without being bogged down by mucus and phlegm, and with less huffing and puffing?

Breathing is vital to life. But being able to do it comfortably and with more ease is what helps improve your quality of life. And now more than ever, we all need to be vigilant about safeguarding the health of our lungs—AND our immune system. That’s because a healthy respiratory system and a strong, resilient immune system are critical for living well year round and during particularly challenging seasons.

Dr. Sinatra’s powerful cardio-respiratory supplement ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support can help transform how you live, breathe, and enjoy life every day. It makes breathing easier and more comfortable, helps keep mucus levels in check, supports lung health, boosts immune support, and helps tackle those seasonal challenges …all while supporting your heart!

Clear Breathing for a More Active You!

The star ingredient in ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support is AlvioLife®, a patent-pending blend of Boswellia and quince fruit extracts that has been shown in a clinical study to be effective in helping to maintain clear airways, normal lung function, a healthy respiratory system, and a healthy inflammatory response. Furthermore, AlvioLife helps you cope with the respiratory effects of everyday environmental challenges.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, 29 subjects were given 200 mg of AlvioLife—the same amount you get in one daily dose of Ultimate Lung & Bronchial Support—daily for 8 weeks.

The results: Trial participants experienced not only that they could be more active, they also could breathe more clearly!

Star Ingredient AlvioLife Helps Promote Clear Breathing

Breathing Scores

PLUS, after just 8 weeks, trial participants taking AlvioLife experienced dramatic improvements in emotional well-being. Imagine being able to breathe SO MUCH better that you truly FEEL better, too! The study showed that people taking AlvioLife felt far less:

  • Frustration
  • Fear of getting out of breath
  • Difficulty getting a good night's sleep
  • Feeling impatient and irritable
  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Feeling tired or exhausted

Breathe Better…Feel Better!


When you feel more confident about being able to take those deep, clear breaths, you’ll find that everything just feels better. In addition to respiratory and activity level improvements, clinical study participants experiencing the respiratory effects of common environmental pollutants showed a significant improvement in “emotional function” after just two weeks of taking AlvioLife…talk about great news! You also get astragalus, which additionally helps support your lungs.

Mallow Plant

Fast-acting AP-Bio® Boosts Immune System in Just 5 Days!

AP-Bio, a clinically validated extract of Chinese herb A. paniculata, has a long history of use to support immune function. It works by stimulating activity of key immune cells—phagocytes and Natural Killer (NK) cells—so that your immune system is primed and ready to fight off any invaders. And it works fast, within 5 days! Plus, it helps with normal mucus consistency and occasional achy head, throat, and ear discomfort, tiredness, and sleep disturbances in those experiencing seasonal respiratory challenges.

Black Seed Oil

Serious Seasonal Relief with Thymocid® Black Seed Oil

Thymocid Black Seed Oil provides day- and nighttime seasonal relief from nasal congestion, eye-related difficulties, and common ear, nose and throat symptoms. Plus, it supports your lungs, breathing, immune response, and even your heart!


Healthier Lungs = A Healthier Cardiovascular System

Your heart and lungs support each other. That’s why this formula includes Quercetin, a potent antioxidant found in onions, apples, berries, teas and red wine. Quercetin supports cardiovascular health by supporting endothelial function—which has an impact on your blood vessels and blood flow.

The bottom line…if you’re looking for a profound way to support your lungs and breathing every day, while also getting an immune boost, ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support is THE respiratory supplement you want to be taking. It’s become highly in-demand on Amazon and GNC, but we’re able to offer an exclusive web-only discount here that isn’t available in stores or anywhere else online.

In just 2 softgels per day, ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support provides you with remarkable support to make sure your lungs, heart, and immune system are functioning at optimal capacity, using clinically validated ingredients. Take advantage of this exclusive offer while supplies are available.


Try ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support At a Special Low Price—Risk Free!

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The results speak for themselves, with the benefits from AlvioLife increasing as the weeks go on!

Good results after 2 weeks!

Improvement in Emotional Function Score

Improvement in Clear Breathing Score & Lung Health

Better results after 4 weeks!

Improvement in Activity Limitation Score! Less Limitation to The Activities You Love to Do!

Improvement in Environmental Stimuli score

Improvement in Emotional Function Score

Improvement in Clear Breathing Score & Lung Health

Amazing results after 8 weeks!

Healthy Inflammatory Response

Improvement in Peak Expiratory Flow Rate — Measures Your Ability to Breathe Out!

Improvement in Activity Limitation Score! Less Limitation to The Activities You Love to Do!

Improvement in Environmental Stimuli score

Improvement in Emotional Function Score

Improvement in Clear Breathing Score & Lung Health

ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support Is Cardiologist-Formulated

Dr. Sinatra

Stephen Sinatra, M.D.
F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S, C.B.T.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist and a certified nutrition and antiaging specialist. He is a conventionally trained cardiologist with some unconventional ideas. His experience is grounded in more than 40 years of clinical practice. His nutritional advice is fast becoming a model for practitioners and patients nationwide. He has authored many publications and medical journal articles, and has been a featured guest on CNN, MSNBC, Fox on Health, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, 700 Club, and The Today Show. Tens of thousands of people have sought out and followed his advice for improving heart health and viitality.

“I can’t say enough on this great product, could not do without it.”

I am not a customer that takes time out for reviews, but I had to for this product!!! I have been using for a while and ran out, now I realize this product was definitely doing its job. I am reordering today and have made this product a part of my daily regimen.*


For me, this formula helps my airways and makes breathing easier. I'll definitely buy again and recommend to others. *

—Candace G.

I have been using Advanced Lung & Bronchial Support for 3 yrs, I can’t say enough on this great product, could not do without it. It is excellent.*

—Lillian D.

This is the best we’ve ever tried; we started taking the Advanced Lung & Bronchial Support. This is a great product. We’re very happy using them; the best! God Bless.*

—Mary Ann V.

I have been using the Advanced Lung & Bronchial for about 2 months now and I want everyone to know that this has worked very well… I would have to carry 4 gallon cases of water from my 2nd floor apartment and I'd be winded and out of breath all the time—not anymore! That is when I noticed that this really works. I'm eternally grateful!!!*


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Ultimate Quality Promise

ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support is formulated to meet stringent quality standards, with thoroughly screened raw materials, 100% batch testing, and independent verification of purity and potency.














Try ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support At a Special Low Price—Risk Free!

ULTIMATE Lung & Bronchial Support is one of the few respiratory and lung health supplements that is trusted by GNC to deliver real results. But this special offer isn’t available in any store!

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